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Volunteer for Developh

We are currently revamping our nonprofit structure to make contribution to Developh more open and accessible.

Aside from our fellowships and open calls, Developh is host to several collaborative and community-run projects from one-off websites & activations to publications. Volunteers also help manage our talks and events, either organizing guest talks or teaching themselves. Many of our volunteers are students and young professionals who have previously attended our events and gatherings. Volunteers might help with one event or be part of the recurring team shaping Developh's larger structure.

While we are formalizing these processes, you may continue to reach out to us (Chia Amisola and Bianca Aguilar) at for any proposals, inquiries, or collaboration requests. We are happy to explore support of works that align with our values and principles, whether these are in the idea stage or if you have long been exploring these ideas.

Thank you so much.