Every student is a creator if we can enable them to.

Developh is an international student-led nonprofit nurturing youth innovation through accessible technology opportunities. In 2020, we're living in an age with unprecedented tools and resources to grow tech; but opportunity and retention are still at lows, with innovation leaving behind the underserved masses. These divides in representation and talent in the technology industry only further the innovation gap in our world.

We want to bring more young people—especially from underrepresented communities—into technology and innovation, where their voices are most important.
By bridging gaps in young people's pathways to tech, we forward a technology scene shaped by the masses it should build for. We're refactoring the technology pipeline, helping students found and build things not only for the next generation: but in the scene today.

150,000 students impacted (joined through events, programming, conferences)
1,500+ members
20+ ventures built

The Big Idea

Developh wants to reshift the tech pipeline so that every young person has the opportunity to disrupt the world with technology. As students who have been navigating the development of our technology ecosystems, we’ve been well aware of its growth driven in a direction that doesn’t reflect the needs of our countries, nor do they invest in the next generation of founders. This is a sustainability and pipeline problem that is plaguing growth in areas that the major tech hubs overlook.

Why Developh?

Run by students who faced obstacles in pursuing technology that still remain today, we understand the gaps in the process—and what could be worked on to solve it. Most importantly, we know that inclusive student communities are essential in overcoming barriers in technology. Be it in a school organization, or in finally finding a co-founder in a community that doesn't believe in you. That's why we're building a national pipeline to bring more young people into tech.


Bring more young people to create and innovate for the world through education and opportunity.

We're students investing in students from outreach in the communities that surround us and have molded us, to educating & learning from one another online, to building things together. We're good at building—and build a lot. We're ambitious, back it up with passion + hard effort put in, and know that community arises wherever creation comes. We've formed a large coalition and a support system that works, always build with intent & context, plus know how students can learn and grow better than anyone else—we're students after all.


A world molded by socially-impactful technology from every space.



Chia Amisola

Chia is an undergraduate at Yale from Manila. They have designed for themselves and others at startups, newsrooms, incubators, and more. Building radical things, they oversee programming at Developh to help student founders, build community, engineer + design + hack lots of things that you see, and also wrote this page. Chia would love to talk to you and learn about how they can help. CS & Art at Yale

Chief Design Officer

Bianca Aguilar

Bianca is a Manila-based artist and designer who enjoys developing visuals to empower brands & mission-driven organizations. Aside from crafting her own education at the intersection of CS and information design, Bianca has worked with a variety of mission-driven brands from The Bumpy Career (the Philippine's premiere Gen Z job hunting platform), Woman Create (art and feminism), Lucent Fair (mental health), among others.
Bianca leads the design team at Developh and also works across our marketing and community programs, bringing advocacy to creation. CS Programming & Information Design at Ateneo de Manila University.

Chief Technology Officer

Kirsten Sison

Kirsten is a computer science student, programmer, and lover of technology-based communities. Outside of Developh, Kirsten leads the Developer Student Club at Taft, is part of User Experience Society DLSU, the La Salle Computer Society, and takes part in CS research at her lab. Passionate about advocacy and community, Kirsten also serves as a makesense Manila ambassador, a volunteer at Women Who Code, and previously led Developh's women in technology initiatives. She also enjoys classic movies! Computer Science (specialization in Software Technology) at De La Salle University.

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