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Flower Garden

The following garden contains quotes and clippings from our explored influences (collectively contributed by the community) as well as messages left by Developh members.

There is a place for love in technology.

Technology is an imperfect institute. It is one shaped by humans, and one that can be and must be reclaimed by humans.

Get in the habit of making first, finding meaning later because you know it's there.

Love is a Reckoning Force. Design is a gift, not something to monetize. It’s always about giving, always has been. Give everything you have to dish out. There’s no point if there is no sacrifice.

All us learners are too, stewards of this space.

Hope and cautious optimism are necessary to shape the world we want.

Technology has no place if it does not keep in mind the most marginalized.

We respect longstanding institutions and workers; we integrate with and shift extant systems instead of just creating new ones.

Technology is one of many means.

Our definition of 'liberatory' is intersectional and always evolving.

We plant seeds even if the outcomes can't immediately be apparent. Anticipation and the future imaginary are valuable.

Our paths never have to be 'standard' — defiance is often a liberatory practice; resistance our strength.

Continuous growth, learning, and nourishment may co-exist with rest and idleness. Listening is an undervalued act.

Collaboration and co-generation matter; we build on the work of others to help each other.

Do you have your own suggestions for seeds to plant?
All are welcome to contribute to the garden.