Developh supports student-led innovation built for social impact. As a pre-seed accelerator, we support students building mission-based ventures and short-term projects — giving them funding, mentorship, technical training, and more to succeed — while still being a student. is a civic engagement platform that seeks to campaign for progressive Filipino candidates these 2019 Midterm Elections.


Feminism, girlhood, culture, movements. Labandera is a digital publication advancing social movements and expressions from the developing world.

Programs we offer

Build Fellowship

In coordination with social impact organizations, our Build Fellowship invites in student fellows to work on social impact-focused, technological projects. Students get a grasp of working in real development environments, while building projects that matter and getting a say in their development. Read about the Fellowship

Accelerator Resources

Find teammates from around the world (or ones close to your community), arrange for technical training and workshops, get sessions with mentors, apply for funding, and get assistance and updates on events/competitions for your idea to succeed and be fleshed out. We code, we impact. Tell us about your project

Are you building something cool?

We'd love to hear about it. Developh works with students working on social impact ventures, assisting with technical skill development, funding, mentorship, and platforms for further impact.

Technical Training & Funds
Network & Mentorship
Implementation & Scaling

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About Developh

We're at a unique point in time where groundbreaking things can be launched from a bedroom—it's time for us to harness that. We're a student-run nonprofit organization working to make technology more accessible in the hands of students across the developing world, nurturing student founders, developers, designers, and changemakers. Our initiatives span education and innovation: beginning from exposure and outreach to helping students launch tangible, impact-oriented ventures in their communities. Since our founding in 2016, we've impacted over 60,000 students in over fifteen countries.