Making programming and technopreneurship education equitable and accessible is key to bringing students to innovate for the world. Learn about some of our efforts across education and innovation, and see how you can get involved.

Our Initiatives

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Spreading innovation through programming, design, and entrepreneurship to empower youth everywhere across the Philippines to join the movement on creation.

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Tech Drive


Have old or unwanted tech goods lying around? We're collecting and refurbishing materials to use and donate in our outreaches across the Philippines—every bit counts!

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Image of Developers' Society Outreach Project

State of CS


Philippines: We're assessing the quality and accessibility of computer science education in K-12 schools around the Philippines. Lend us your thoughts by filling in our short survey!

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Short for "Development Education", DevEd is our open collective of educational resources and materials on different technology and creation concepts, completely free to use and access and made entirely by students, who know how students learn best. From Computer Science to CSS to more creative concepts to concrete how-to's, we currently post materials on the DevEd Facebook page. Website coming soon! Visit the DevEd page

About Developh

Here at Developh, we're leading initiatives that seek to redefine the technology sphere through our pillars of education, community, and advocacy. We're gathering the world's largest open tech community while bringing students to build together for advocacy, and connecting creation by hosting events and working on resources and tools that make technology accessible. As we're a nonprofit organization run by students, we're taking all the steps we can to code and create with everyone in hand.