Developh Library

The Developh Library is a physicalWIP and digitalWIP collection of books on critical technology and its intersections.

While the Philippines is a prime case study for technology's adverse effects, there's a dearth of access to public libraries, publications, and printed matter in the nation. In our curation, we hope to expand & contribute to the language and consciousness-raising regarding technology's role in the Philippines.

From January to March 2023, we're collecting donations to acquire our Library's initial collection, to be put up in mid-2023.

Our physical library is hosted in partnership with Kwago. Kwago is a non-profit independent bookstore, cultural organization, and publishing lab. We aim to stock our collection of books by June 2023 in their location in BF Homes, Las Pinas.

We are open to more library partners in the Philippines. If interested, please contact us.

Developh is a community of practice towards critical technologies that was established in 2016, Manila, Philippines. Since our founding, we've hosted hundreds of events & programming from social action projects, community-driven software, residencies, scholarships, book clubs, and more. We aim to reclaim technology as a tool for liberation rather than oppression.

You may contact us at, find our site at, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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