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Be a part of making change and spreading our advocacy: that innovation should be built for all, by all. Join us in empowering and uplifting students through accessible and equitable tech with Developh.

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Primarily an online network: members go through an onboarding process in preparation to engage, connect, and work with Developh members from all over the globe of all skill levels and walks of life.

We build projects, host mentorships, share career opportunities, hold delegations to events, discuss and laugh, and work to support your ideas and aim to be a space where you can thrive: whether you need a team, a larger platform, ideas, or want to share your own. Join us as we volunteer and teach, learn and listen, or create and dare.

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Have a similar mission? Do you also care about tech equality and accessibility, while giving every student the potential to be a founder? We're always open to partnerships and donations to help us expand!

Every little bit counts.

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Interested in opening up a chapter in your own school or community? Grab a friend or two and start a Developh chapter! We provide resources, funds, curriculum material, and an online community that can help you spread coding in your own institution, and in communities around you.

Even explaining the fundamentals of coding and building a small project can spark something big. You don't have to be a programming master, you can build and code together and you'll be learning more than you ever realized. Whether you want to host outreaches or simply host casual get-togethers with stickers, food, mini pitches and friends, or want to build startups and projects to launch... we got you covered.


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About Developh

To date, Developh has impacted over 60,000 students through our initiatives on accessible creation—principled towards making the tech pipeline more reflective of the youth in the spaces we come from. We uplift and reach out to students, devise a creative open-source computer science/innovation curriculum launched through our chapters and workshops, and run a fellowship and other accelerator perks for students to pursue their ventures.
We're at a unique point in time where groundbreaking things can be launched from a bedroom—it's time for us to harness that. Founded in 2016 and launched globally in 2018, we aim to shed light onto the issues and stories faced by the youth in places that Silicon Valley can't reach.