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We're made possible by students who are moved to impact the world through technology

Read on to find out more about our core team, and how our always-open app process goes! We're so excited to meet you!

Learn about the team?

Accelerating experiences for social impact with tech

Developh is an organization that accelerates technology, experiences, and initiatives for social good. Student-run and -led since 2016, we’ve been providing programs and opportunity for youth across Southeast Asia to build for good. This includes our community, accelerator, workshops/talks, and more.

As of July 2019, we're actively recruiting for more core members from anywhere in the world!

As a core member, you'll be a part of a tight-knit ten person team of high school & college students working to make all our projects and initiatives happen. Led by three executive members, we impact tens of thousands of students week-to-week: from our accelerator, talks & workshops, mission-first ventures, and more.

🚫 We're not a coding organization.

Technology is merely a means, not the end. Many massive issues in the tech industry are because we teach people to build, build, build –– without understanding of the implications of their work. We are not merely technologists or programmers. We are creators, writers, artists, designers, citizens, advocates. If we were only composed of programmers, our work would be meaningless.

🙌 We’re spontaneous and move with care.

We move carefully, intentionally, and learn, constantly. We put aside vanity projects to work on initiatives that the world needs, that we can positively contribute to.

📽 Technology actively contributes to and provides structure for racism. It’s our duty to actively recognize this, and dismantle technology’s ability for harm.

As students trying to influence the student startup and technology ecosystem, we want to influence and grow more builders that are consistently cognizant of this in their work and actions.

Some of our Projects

A Snapshot of the Core Team

0 known heterosexuals
0 Ateneo Director's List Scholars
2,696 combined Twitter followers
35,000 people spoken to at conferences
3 funded nights in Australia (for GHC!)
2 NOI Philippines Competitors
1 Person who forgot how a while loop works in their exam
80% Women/NB core members
40% Computer Science Majors

Our core team members are high school and college students that are poets, musicians, a-bit-way-too-patrician music fans, meme page admins, activists, STEM debaters, artists who never recovered from their Homestuck phase, researchers, and more. Mostly from Metro Manila, we come from schools from Philippine Science High School to Yale (close to dropping out).
We've traveled to conferences abroad, speak at conference halls and small workshops, learn together, come up with ideas and release them less than 24 hours later, and build for the larger region ahead of us.

The Recruitment Process

No need for resumes, we don't have stressful recruitment periods once a year, etc. Those are exclusionary. Here's an overview of our process. If you’re less confident in calls/chats or like on paper-presenting more, we’re also happy to just exchange emails with you throughout the process! (We feel the same.) Also, at any time, feel free to email us if you have questions or concerns.

1.) Reach out to us

  • Express interest anytime! Email is best, or you can message any core members and we’ll connect with you from there
  • Establish why you are interested in Developh, share with us some context about yourself so we can get a sense of your background and interests

2.) Informational Interview: ~30 minute introduction

  • We share how the core team works and get a sense of what programs/projects (existing or otherwise) you might be interested in
  • We learn more about you and how Developh can contribute to your growth.

3.) Interview: ~45 minutes

  • This is an opportunity for us to learn more about your ability and drive to get involved in a project! We'll dive deeper into your proposals, ideas, and thought processes in the areas of the org you're interested in
  • We want to learn more about your skills, how you approach different situations, leadership abilities, and work style
  • (Don’t worry about weird hypothetical questions, we hate those and don't do them. This is still pretty casual, just more on your experiences and what it would be like to work with you in a team.)

4.) Deliberation

  • The core team is introduced to the prospective applicant.
  • This is an opportunity for the entire team to know about how the prospective core member can be integrated into projects. Is there an existing member that can onboard them? Is there an opportunity area someone can point out?

5.) Onboarding!

  • If all goes well, we'll do an individual onboarding with you to get you set up on all platforms, on our projects, and look over what you can start adding value to :)
  • If interested, we'll get you set up with coffee chats with other members, core swag/merch, and set up our next hangout/game night to ease you in!

Ready to join the Core Team? Email us!

Reach out to our email (attended by Chia, Bianca, and Kirsten) and tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in joining Developh. We're so excited to talk to you!


Expectations for
the Core Team

Org Stack. Google Suite and Slack for work and communication, email reserved for announcements. Github for code, Figma for design, Namecheap for hosting/domains. Linear for project management (trying to transition into this but not fully adopted).

Take ownership. We don't give assignments. You don't need days to write a caption. As a core member, you’re someone who is proactive; we have a list of open tasks and asks that you can pick up, or you can work to orient yourself on a project and further any needs that have to be done. Beyond that: we encourage core members to pitch and start new initiatives. Take action on what you care about, and own the good work.

Communicate actively! We use Slack and email, and we hope core members are able to adjust to these platforms to be productive. This isn't about responding right away. We’re located all over the world, communicate asynchronously, and pick up after one another. This does mean backreading and @ing people to get more context—or looking through documentation we all contribute to and prepare.
You are always welcome to approach any executive member individually (or any other member!) to help you catch up and be briefed on something.
Communicating actively means being transparent about how long it will take you to finish something, letting us know if something is up, and communicating your worries and not just your wins.

Love impact, not vanity. We put in the good work. No work is busywork. Many impactful things are not visible and we recognize that.

Your growth is our growth. We’re not a new organization anymore, and have resources to help you succeed not only in the context of projects you get involved in at Developh, but career-wise and academically also.
We provide the opportunities you'd expect: from workshops, networking, courses, help on career-building, etc. and encourage you to take these on
When we do check-ins, something we frequently discuss around is what are your goals, and how can we help you achieve them? We want to help you individually too!

On hours. Although there’s no set hour requirements, we anticipate core members devoting 1–3 hours per week into Developh at minimum. This will change depending on the programs/projects you own.
Feel free to take breaks! Don’t apologize if life/academics are coming at you! You have so many other priorities ahead of you: Developh will always be here.

Thank you to the Developh core team who helped put this document together. ♥