We're building the largest student-run network of changemakers across the Asia-Pacific.


About Developh Community

The Developh Community seeks to bring together schools, organizations, and other local groups to build a national community of makers, founders, and creators for social good. From diverse networks, we seek to empower the brightest student entrepreneurs and developers with one another to build meaningful things.

Our philosophy stems from technology's undeniable prevalence, yet the unspoken growing disparity in equitable access to build this very technology that's shaping our world. With this gap most prevalent in developing nations, we aim to have no one left behind as the national tech community grows.

Community partners get their members involved in our programs, bring people to work towards ideas and projects in their localities, scout for market developments and current trends, and help us connect people closer to creation. In exchange, you get entwined in a national network of developers and founders making tangible local impact.

Regional Directors

Want to reach out about expansion in your area? Reach out to our regional directors for more information!


Jethro Sia

Linh Nguyen, Vietnam

Linh Nguyen

Daveigh Abogado, CARAGA

Daveigh Abogado


Network and Partners


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Are you a part of an organization enabling technology and innovation in Southeast Asia? We're currently expanding our network of community partners!

Your membership will receive access to Developh resources and programs such as our incubator. Together, we can collaborate on interdisciplinary projects to provide more opportunities and build meaningful things — in exchange, you'll be partaking in our programs, advising the development of innovation in your region, and the like!

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