Developh is a building a community for student technologists and creatives in Southeast Asia to explore founderhood and creation

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Technology is better with community

When we were first "getting into technology", we did it independently. Developh was founded to change that. We're here to bring students together because we create better, more meaningfully, and with more drive with connection.
Tech isn't an independent thing when it's going round the world.

As a community member, joining us means access to different programs, resources, and events that happen all online. Aside from regular programming, we also run a remote incubator that opens up once a year, run volunteer projects, internship matching, and more.

🎪 Events

From online talks, workshops, Powerpoint parties, and more... we're trying to explore new ways to reimagine education and community online.

🌈 New connections

Meet other student technologists and creators around the world for new connections, mentorships, and friends.

🚀 Accelerator

Once a year, we provide a cohort of young students with funds, technical skill building, and mentorship to launch incredible mission-driven products.

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Our Partners

Aside from our general community group, we partner with existing organizations and institutions to build upon their communities and interweave them with Developh's programming. Here are some of our partners.

Our History

Founded in 2016 as a club of 40, we realized that although the world of startups and tech was exciting: realistically, it wasn't accessible to us. We live in nations with huge disparities in startup resources or funding.
However, these barriers don't stop us from growing together. Developh is powered by community, which means we're ambitious students from all walks around the world with love or origins from Southeast Asia and what technology, founderhood, and creation looks like there. For over four years, we've been growing a space where likeminded students can come together and meet each other, teach one another, and work to uplift each other for more opportunities to learn, create, and build.