Collab is kicking off on August 24 in Metro Manila!


Developh Collab is an accelerator program that works on impactful collaborations for social good. We put purpose first: building tech-enabled projects with young people driven by mission.

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Collab for Good

Collab is a Developh initiative that works on impactful collaborations with mission-based groups to build tech-enabled solutions. With our accelerator program, advocates and developers alike work together to ideate, build, and launch meaningful projects for mission, first. We believe that by enabling young founders with technology and helping them sustainably scale their projects — we can get more people working on the real challenges and problems we face today.

By investing in social initiatives, we invest with people who fall in love with problems—not just the product/solution. We're not only educating and accelerating people into the tech scene, we're diversifying it.

Collab is kicking off with Pitch Day: advocacy groups take spotlight as they share their challenges, cause, and initiatives in a one-day event of community dialogues, capacity-building, and ideation.

We're inviting advocates, students, developers, industry leaders, and creators to develop with us in a diverse space at the intersection of activism, entrepreneurship, technology, and design.

August 24 (Saturday), 2019 ⋆ AWS Philippines @ Bonifacio Global City ⋆ 12:30PM - 6:30PM


You won’t just learn about technology or entrepreneurship; you’ll make an impact. Collab celebrates technology for advocacy, before anything else. On Collab’s Pitch Day, our partner advocacy organizations will share their stories and current or proposed initiatives. These projects are all looking for volunteers and other changemakers to support their growth.

After Pitch Day, youth can view refined project proposals and sign up to be a part of their development team. Through our innovation program, these social good teams will be given the technical guidance, resources, extensive capital, and more to make their initiatives happen.

We're expecting around 80 students, advocates, industry leaders, developers, and designers to join us in for a day of inclusive dialogues and creation. Hack, ideate, converse, and reflect with us!

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Collab with Developh

This is the first event of its kind in the Philippines where we're celebrating the intersection of technology, activism, design, and creation for impact. Learn about social entrepreneurship , starting movements , and making an impact.


Opening Keynote 12:25PM - 1:15PM
Session 1 1:25PM - 2:25PM
Advocacy Leaders Panel 2:25PM - 2:55PM
Workshop/Lightning Talks Session 2 2:55PM - 4:00PM
Pitches 4:00PM - 5:30PM
Breakout Sessions 5:30PM - 6:10PM
Closing 6:10PM - 6:30PM


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Developh is an international nonprofit investing in youth-led innovation for social good. Through education and accelerator programs, we aim to shift the technology pipeline, building a diverse student founder community across the developing world.

Chiara Amisola

Founder & CEO

Pauline Baterna

Chief Innovation Officer

Jeth Sia

Corporate Relations

Bianca Aguilar

Media Relations


Advocacy Organizations

Streets to Schools

Talang Dalisay

Forth Co.

Project Liyab

Redefy Philippines


To be announced

Why Collab with Developh?

At Developh, we know that most hackathons bring students together - then set them up for failure. Most projects are abandoned completely after events; engagement is hard. That's why Collab is different: we work directly with organizations who know their problem in and out, and we're designed to engage. By starting with well-defined problems alongside committed teams and connecting them to technology, we're creating a space that's continuously sustained, exciting, and empowering.

Developh is redefining what it means to explore technology. At Collab, we'll be building projects that will have a measurable impact long after the fact; and introducing young people to technology with purpose with the community and support to go with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the event?

We're inviting all students, youth advocates, industry leaders and interested professionals to engage in our event. If you’re interested in technology, entrepreneurship, activism, or social good: there’s something for you!
Registration for Collab events are on a sliding-scale donation basis; we'd love for you to contribute what is within your means.

How can I invite my organization to participate?

Whether you’re a community group, NGO, or small team (even a solo one!) -- you can partake in Collab to get matched with passionate creators to build a tech-enabled project with you. Contact us at to find out how, or sign up as an advocacy partner on our form.

My organization has no prior technical experience. How will this affect us?

Developh's incubation program is designed for students (which means you can work part-time), and give you all the skills you need from the ground-up — including the technical. It's not as convoluted as it sounds, promise! And, you'll be working with incredible mentors along the way.

My group can't participate during Pitch Day / is based outside of Metro Manila!

Being unable to attend the physical kick-off, or not being based in Manila won't affect you negatively at all. In fact, we're seeking projects from all around the nation. We'll do our best to fly you out covered for Demo Day at the end of the program, but we'll likely have local programs in your area later on, too.

How much stake does Developh take from the project?

Developh doesn't take any ownership or stake from the projects. The funding we provide you is given through grants (up to an initial amount). We'll assist you with donor matching later on—and get you sustainable in different ways depending on the type of project. However, ownership is also a team-based discussion—so cover that with your team!

I'm an individual who wants to work for a social initiative. What do I need to join?

Commitment and passion! After kickoff, we'll have a team formation period where applications are finalized. The incubation period (& the event) will help you pick up the skills you need (so no technical experience needed); projects aren’t full-time: you get to be a student first. No prior experience required, but we prefer applicants who are closely drawn towards the purpose of the initiative.

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Why Collab?

Developh aims to build the most student-friendly accelerator. To accomplish this, we’re investing in our youth who are not only changing the future, but are making a difference today. After 3 years of experimenting with our model, we’ve found that the most successful projects come from people with passion and a cause. We’re connecting creation and making tech - something so pervasive but untapped - more equitable. By giving activists, changemakers, and students a platform to build and impact; we’re traversing social issues, empowering and upskilling the youth, and reshaping what technology means.

For Advocacy Groups

Build on your current initiatives or ideate on new ones in a diverse space of creators, doers, and changemakers. Our accelerator focuses on social good projects led by students; we want to build alongside you. This is just part one of a longer-term collaboration.

For Individuals

Work towards social initiatives, learn new skills, and make an impact. You'll not only work towards your passions (or newfound ones!), you'll get the skills, training, network, and more that you need to succeed in your career — while building up your portfolio and learning.

About Developh

Here at Developh, we're leading initiatives that seek to redefine the technology sphere through our pillars of education, community, and advocacy. We're gathering the world's largest open tech community while bringing students to build together for advocacy, and connecting creation by hosting events and working on resources and tools that make technology accessible. As we're a nonprofit organization run by students, we're taking all the steps we can to code and create with everyone in hand.