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When we were first getting into technology in the Philippines, we were entranced by big tech and ideals that have grown increasingly complicit with the injustices happening around the world. As we reflect and move towards tech for good, we call on you to join us in whatever way you are able to to rise up—if you are able to contribute financially, please do so, or use your skills to help us amplify more stories and messages that need to be told.

We will be posting updates of our donations and stories on our Facebook page and Twitter.

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We will match up to $500 or PHP 25,000 of donations to the following funds. If you donate PHP500, we will also donate PHP500.

How to match?

Email us at or send us a message on Messenger with a screenshot of your donation for us to match it.

Philippines: Supporting political prisoners, activists

These events have reinvigorated our mission to support political prisoners and activists who are continuously terrorized by the state and government. On May 30th, Kadamay (urban poor group) Secretary-General Carlito Badion's body was found dead near a highway in Ormic City, Leyte after being redtagged and sent death threats by suspected state elements. (Philstar)


"Our brown skin, or claim under the term "POC", does not negate our ability to benefit from, and perpetuate white supremacy" (Sari Sari Studio). Our founder has been in college in the US for two years and has seen this firsthand.

Commissions for a Cause

If you're a student who is doing commissions (any type: art, writing, design, etc.) to raise funds for #BLM or human rights organizations, we built, a new directory.


Developh is exploring ways to tell the stories and amplify the lives and work of political activists and prisoners in the Philippines. We are a nation that has stigmatized their organizing work, despite it being the backbone of our countless rights and liberties. If you are a student and would like to join us in writing, curating, and designing ways to effectively and impactfully communicate this, please reach out to us.


Developh is a Philippine-based, student-run organization working towards bridging the innovation gap. In the past year, we were thankfully able to get a good amount of financial support for our programming and are able to redirect some funds from our organization and our leaders' personal earnings to these pressing, urgent, global causes that comprise our initial $500.
If you are a tech organization that would like to coordinate and explore how we can best work towards collective action, we would love to talk with you.

If you know of any organizations that we can support or collaborate with, please reach out to us.