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Developh invests in youth-led innovation for social impact across the developing world.
Let's develop the Philippines with technology for all.


We're living in an age where the youth can change the world from their bedrooms.

Developh is an international nonprofit working to make technology more equitable across the developing world, by investing in innovation for social good.

In the Philippines, only 13% of households have access to a computer, minorities in technology face numerous barrierrs in technology, and a majority of educational institutions lack equitable computer science education. Technology is everywhere, but not built by the masses.

Developh is stepping in and shifting the technology pipeline across the Asia-Pacific.
We're connecting the youth to creation, and nurturing the student founder community. Develph works on education and accelerator initiatives, building equitable opportunities to help more students explore pathways in technology. By bringing more youth into technology, we're shaping a technology ecosystem that is more representative of all.

In a world fueled by technology, every student deserves to be a part of coding the future.

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We're spreading code to all!

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — This summer, we're gathering our family of students and friends from all around the world to teach tech in the Philippines from May to August, because we believe every student deserves to be a part of creation.

Our tour features workshops and talks from student volunteers. For free, we provide tech goods and resources to continue the learning and also aim to establish chapters in each area we visit to further engage students interested in pursuing tech, whether it's building a project or diving into it from a larger career perspective. For student volunteers, the teaching opportunity requires no experience and is fully funded! Want us to visit your school or community? Fill out the form below or send us an email.

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We'll reach out to you within three days after filling up the form.


We believe in diverse communities and spaces that encourage students to connect, learn, and support one another. Our chapters program connects students on-ground, and we run one of the largest open tech communities.


Through our chapters and online work, we run a student-created computer science and innovation curriculum called DevEd, host workshops and training programs, and educate students on both critical technical and soft skills.


We elevate tech-minded students with career and skill enrichment programs. We believe in equitable access to funding and spotlight platforms, delegations to events and conferences, and internship/career guidance.