Accelerating technology & experiences for social good.

Developh is a community for student technologists and creatives in the Philippines. We create for a better Philippines and world, connecting advocacy to creation, since 2016.


We upskill and connect students looking to build incredible things together.


Find community with student creators driven by mission and learning.


Creating for a bigger cause with us by experiencing and volunteering for our initiatives and projects.

Every student is a creator

We believe in the youth to mold the nation and solve problems beyond what Silicon Valley can see. When we empower every student to create and solve problems most local to them, technology bridges instead of divides.

Innovation focused on impact, first

Instead of measuring our work by markers like the "largest" or the "first", we're more concerned with measuring individual experiences and systemic change. We uplift students through scholarships, clubs, and talks — and change the ecosystem at scale.

Some of what we do

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