Developh is a community of practice towards critical technology. We gather, publish, research, and create to reclaim technology as a tool for liberation rather than oppression from the Philippines & global south that has long been oppressed. Our activations concern the online, offline, and in-between. +

Founded in Manila, Philippines in 2016 and now operating remotely globally — we are self-identified interdisciplinary technologists, students, designers, researchers, cultural workers, artists, and engineers who gather together to develop the Filipino and global tech imaginary for good. Independently-run and self-funded since our founding, we pay deep attention to the handmade and the act of labor & maintenance, the value of concentrated, ephemeral projects & one-off gatherings, offline & online networks of care, open-source philosophies, and expanding accessibility of technology with critical intentionality.

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The shape of technology

Developh cautiously investigates and wields the role of technology in our professions. We are currently exploring themes of connectivity, the homegrown, and tenderness within computing & the digital through our consciousness and programming. Learn more about our 2023 Season programming themes here.

Recently, many of us have turned into art and the promise of a softer, more poetic space on the web. Generosity and gentleness are oft taken as luxuries when the Filipino is often at odds with technology as a weapon and platform for harm — the softness has lost itself in our imaginary. We believe that love and art are fundamental experiences that acn be revitalized to radically reshape the way we experience and connect with one another through the web. Small, homegrown networks of care extend outwards — love is a means of survival, softness a means of resistance, sincerity and truth a powerful foothold.

A new website blooms

Flower fields bloom, wither, and come in season almost unpredictably, interconnected with an ever-changing world. Our work is always responsive, social, quick and ephemeral in nature yet tendered with deep intention and desire to connect to the longstanding institutions & historical work at the roots of our domains. Moreover, the site more closely reflects the type of labor gone into Developh: our blossoms the fruit of continuously maintained work, softness, and patience over the years. We hope you enjoy visiting the (still growing) world on our website; and get to sow something of your own as well.

Handcrafted with care by Chia Amisola, launched for Developh on November 26th. Not fully accessible or responsive yet; thank you for your patience.

Archive in progress. Given the lengthy, decentralized nature of our work — the current project archive is not comprehensive and does not give full acknowledgement or thanks of all the individuals and volunteers who had made Developh successful. Please stay tuned for updates.