Accelerating technology & experiences for social good.

Developh is a community for mission-driven technologists and creatives in the Philippines. Since 2016, we've been connecting advocacy to creation.

Together, we cowork, create, host workshops, talks, discussion clubs, fellowships, and more in pursuit of constant learning. We're open to students, proessionals, and peers at any stage of their journey into technology.

The Developh Camp Fellowship gathers ambitious creators invested in using technology to solve local problems. We're a collective of mission-driven technologists educating, researching, designing, and building experiences for social good in Southeast Asia together, and cultivate a lifelong community in the process.

In a span of 12 weeks, you'll develop a project (be it a workshop, article series, zine, website, or app prototype) driven by technology for social good with support from peers through small group meetings, mentors, optional sessions and the Developh Community. You'll have time to make, think about making, receive grant funding, build together in small groups giving and receiving quality feedback with peers, and make use of our shared technical and practical resources.


Fellows are expected to dedicate ~2–4 hours a week to Developh in the first three months. Afterwards, you're a lifelong member and can engage and lead events.

These 2–4 hours are in the form of twice-monthly meetings with small groups, co-creation sessions, optional workshop/talk sessions, and meetings with mentors. Small group meetings are mandatory, and a set amount of milestones (e.g. attend one event in August) are given as guiding checklists for participants.


All Fellows complete an output that makes use of technology to respond to a social issue. These creations will be exhibited at the end of the four-month period and published on the Developh blog.

The output must be community-oriented, meaning that it provides a useful intervention or tool (i.e. it can't be a personal portfolio, but it can be a tool or website you're building that discusses an issue you care about).


Fellows are welcomed into Developh's community of creators. We're technologists from different backgrounds and disciplines investing in one another, not just our own selves. Our members end up becoming educators, peer mentors, and co-creators — working together in career, side projects, etc.


We run talks, Clubhouse/Stages/Spaces, and workshop sessions open to the public, as well as smaller conversations for members only. All members are empowered to give back by teaching — founded on small slope mentorship/education where you learn best from someone a few steps in front of you.

Program Requirements

Fellows must demonstrate considerable progress in the project they bring into the Fellowship in time for an exhibit, and discuss their process for the Developh website and blog. They must also attend mandatory small group sessions with program peers and Developh mentors.

Fellows will be given invites and opportunities to attend other sessions and make use of our resources:

  • Sessions · We host talks and workshops that Fellows can attend.
  • Library · We’ve created a Developh Camp, and will make new channels for each week. All members are given the ability to add to channels, connect blocks, and comment -- an open discussion board and link archive for readings, resources, and references.
  • Small Groups · Fellows will be paired into groups of 3–4 with an accompanying Developh Mentor. They’ll meet for project feedback, check-ins, talks, and other activities.
  • Developh Mentors · We assign mentors that manage small groups of Developh Fellows. They are responsible for checking in with Fellows one-on-one.
  • External Mentors · We invite external mentors for Office Hours and conversations with Fellows.