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Developh is an international nonprofit accelerating student-led tech and innovation in the developing world through education, opportunity, & advocacy.

About Developh

Developh is an entirely student-run nonprofit impacting 55,000 students and counting across 15 countries through our education and innovation programs. We reach out to students to get them excited about innovation through technology, devise a creative curriculum focused on empathic and social-oriented design that we launch through our chapters and workshops, and run a fellowship for these students to pursue their ventures and launch them in their communities.

We're at a unique point in time where groundbreaking things can be launched from a bedroom—it's time for us to harness that. Founded in 2016 and launched globally in 2018, we aim to shed light onto the issues and stories faced by the youth in places that Silicon Valley can't reach. We're bringing the future's makers into the scene to disrupt their industries and environments, bringing in new conversations on diversity and who we develop for.

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Executive Team

Chiara Amisola

Founder & President

Pauline Baterna

Vice President for Externals

Keith Leonardo

Vice President for Internals


Our students are building things together, from their bedrooms, alone, in and outside of school, researching, pitching, or just developing. Learn about our student ventures, their stories, and what they're doing.

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Learn about how we're building a rapidly-growing community of student creators and the programs we're running to reach out to more students around the globe.

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A Global Community

Our push for accessibility and inclusivity reaches out to the youth in the global south: many of the upper class not even having computer science or technology classes, with many of the lower class not having computers in their homes.

Computer Science Education to All

Through our chapters and online work, we develop a student-created computer science and innovation curriculum called DevEd, host workshops and training programs, and educate students on both the technical and soft skills they need.

Investing in students to invest in our world

We nurture student-led innovation through technology. Bringing students together to build and create empathetically and for social impact, we work closely with investors, community partners, and other advocacy-based organizations to launch these projects and make a difference.

About Developh

Since starting out as a school club in 2016 in Muntinlupa, Philippines made to introduce a tech community, share concepts, and build projects, our group of students and friends quickly realized that even in our position at a private high school with several resources, we weren't given the right education and resources to truly explore tech. Knowing that this disparity was even more evident in the schools around us and recognizing the importance of building things for the world, we sought to spread technology and innovation to Manila, the rest of the Philippines, then the world. We're students concerned about the growing innovation gap, believing student-led technology through education and community is key to a better world.