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In a word where technology can polarize instead of unite, we need founders that represent the world. Developh is a nonprofit building & launching initiatives to accelerate student-led technology. We run an accelerator, an online community, and tech events for all.

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We help students with ideas for good ship their projects into reality.


We want to bring technologists and creatives together—because community is key to growth.


We build experiences and ventures to make an impact: from intern salary sharing sites to voter education movements


Digital access to students in need

NOSTUDENTLEFT.com is our three-part campaign to bridge the digital divide in the time of online schooling. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only half of Filipino students in basic education will be able to continue schooling—not mentioning the difficulties students in school face.

Join our petition, contribute and use our resource repository, and join our donation drive.

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Hub for youth organizations

In response to the rising number of youth initiatives and how we disagree with the state overrun NYC, Cause is a non-government-affiliated hub for youth organizations and movements in the Philippines. We facilitate collaborations, community, and consultancy for student organizers and advocates.

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Tech should work for all

In 2020, we're living in an age with unprecedented tools and resources to grow tech; but opportunity and retention are still at lows, with innovation leaving behind the underserved masses. These divides in representation and talent in the technology industry only further the innovation gap in the technology sector.

In its most successful spaces, technology is incredibly student-driven—but this isn't the case in the majority world.

Developh is democratizing opportunities and access to technology while shifting the technology pipeline. Across the Asia-Pacific, we're a community, school, and accelerator working with students — in the best time for them to be a founder. By helping more young people explore and pursue pathways in technology, we're shaping an ecosystem more representative of all.

Since 2016, we've run education programs to teach code, design, and entrepreneurship to underserved communities and built our community. In 2019, we launched Collab: a student-centric impact accelerator (the first of its kind in Southeast Asia); and Technology.ph, a digital publication on everything tech.


Developh is diversifying and equalizing the technology scene by equipping students and the youth to become founders through our accelerator program.


Our Community Coalition is a series of tech and adjacent organizations fostering collaborative projects for technology and innovation.

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